Slides 2014

Conferences 6th edition – Speakers’ Presentations 2014

Speaker Topic
John Davies "Keynote"
John Davies "Turn Your XML into Binary – Make It Smaller and Faster"
Alexander Shopov "In Vogue Dynamic"
Andy Gumbrecht "Apache Tomcat to Apache TomEE in 1-n Steps"
Boris Hristov "Top 5 T-SQL Improvements in SQL Server 2014"
Martin Toshev "Attacking JavaEE Application Servers"
Martin Toshev "Modular Java"
Mihail Stoynov "Functional Programming with Java 8"
Nedelcho Delchev and Yordan Pavlov "Java for In-System Development"
Reza Rahman "Java EE 8: A Community Update"
Reza Rahman and Ivan St. Ivanov "JavaScript/HTML5 Rich Clients Using Java EE 7 (Hands on Lab)"
Reza Rahman "Why Open Standards and Java/EE Matter"
Roberto Cortez "The 5 people in your organization that grow legacy code"
Roberto Cortez and Ivan St. Ivanov "Java EE 7 Batch Processing in the Real World"
Rossitsa Borissova "Manage And Secure Your API with ApiFest"
Stanislav Zhelyazkov "Azure RemoteApp Overview"
Stojan Peshov "Test Automation using RobotFramework Libraries"
Ventsy Popov "Why the Cloud and What Can We Use It For?"
Yasen Tsonev "Integration testing made simple"
Borislav Mirchev and Kiril Borisov "Getting started with Vaadin"
Despot Jakimovski "Viable way to design patterns (Java Spring)"
Goran Kopevski "Building mobile app using Cordova and AngularJS – common practices"
Ivan St. Ivanov "Arquillian and Forge (Hands on Lab)"
Ioan Eugen Stan "Modular Applications with OSGi on Apache Karaf" and code related to this presentation
Andrew Lombardi "AngularJS and Flask sitting in a tree"
Andrew Lombardi "Simple API's with"
Nikolche Mihajlovski "Rapid Development of High Performance Web Apps with Rapidoid"
Borislav Traykov "Gamification: Work Hours? Time to play the game!!"
Dmitry Alexandrov "Java(Script) – Acquaintance with Nashorn and Avatar.js"
Stephane Epardaud "Ceylon from here to infinity: the big picture and what's coming"
Mite Mitreski "From JavaSpaces JINI and GigaSpaces to SpringBoot Akka and meteor.js – reactive programming pitfalls"
Michal Gruca "The Mythical 10x developer"
Michal Gruca "Mobile applications for casual users"
Tano Dzhinski "Java in the world of social collaboration"
Atanas Raykov "Growing Apps Together"
Mani Sarkar "Leaning on the two Ts"
Mani Sarkar "Refactoring specifications"