Yordan Pavlov

Speaker 2014

Yordan Pavlov is associate developer at SAP Labs Bulgaria. He is doing his bachelor degree of Computer Systems and Technologies in the Technical University of Sofia. With only 2 years of experience in programming, he is not the typical speaker you would expect to see.

But don’t be misled, this freshman has experience both in software and also hardware development. He well knows the concept of In-System development and is one of the drivers of the “Dirigible” project.

Tano Dzhinski

Speaker 2014

Tano Dzhinski is a Solutions Architect in BULPROS, currently working on the integration of Cisco Jabber functionality with the leading social and collaboration platforms: IBM connections, Microsoft SharePoint, and SAP Portal. In the past, he has held senior technical positions: software developer, senior QA, build/release engineer and release manager. This varied experience allows him to view a software product from the perspective of all the different roles engaged in the development process.

Martin Toshev

Speaker 2014

Martin is a Java enthusiast. He is a graduate of Computer Science from the University of Sofia. He is also a certified Java professional (SCJP6) and a certified IBM cloud computing solution advisor.
His areas of interest include the wide range of Java-related technologies (such as Servlets, JSP, JAXB, JAXP, JMS, JMX, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, Hibernate, Spring Framework, Liferay Portal and
Eclipse RCP), cloud computing technologies, cloud-based software architectures, enterprise application integration, relational and NoSQL databases. You can reach him for any Java and FOSS-related topics (especially Eclipse and the OpenJDK).

Stanislav Zhelyazkov

Speaker 2014

Stanislav is System Center Consultant at BulPros where his responsibilities are to build Private and Hybrid Clouds for customers to host their applications and services.

Stanislav Zhelyazkov has been working in IT since 2007. Stanislav has started his IT career as a Help Desk Specialist in 2007 while studying Informatics in the University of Ruse. He also worked in HP Enterprise Services, maintaining large corporate IT infrastructures for clients in Holland, Switzerland and Germany and was involved in a Private Cloud project based on MS Hyper-V and System Center. Currently he is a consultant and Microsoft MVP focusing on MS System Center, Virtualization and Cloud Computing. Stanislav is active community member at systemcentercentral.com, one of the world’s most popular sites, a resource site for information and solutions for Microsoft System Center and cloud technologies. His blogposts can be found at cloudadministrator.wordpress.com or systemcentercentral.com.

Boris Hristov

Speaker 2014

Boris is a SQL Server Consultant and Architect for BULPROS where his responsibilities are to help the company’s customers continue their data journey in a seamless manner.

Boris is a SQL Server Consultant, but also an Author for Pluralsight and a SQL Server MVP. He is frequently speaking at conferences all accross Europe and is heavily involved in training students and organizations in what he calls “The Art of SQL Server”. Boris is frequently blogging and is the host of SQLHangouts.

Nikolche Mihajlovski

Speaker 2014

Nikolche Mihajlovski is a software engineer who always seeks improvements of the commonly established processes, practices and technologies. He has 17+ years of programming experience in various programming languages, paradigms and technologies, diverging from experimental research and pet projects to serious enterprise applications.

Nikolche is the author of Rapidoid framework (open-source high-performance TCP/IP and HTTP server, web framework and more), OhmDB (open-source hybrid RDBMS + NoSQL database), JAnnocessor (a modern annotation-based code generator), RDXPL (experimental multi-paradigm programming language), and much more…

Mite Mitreski

Speaker 2014

Mite Mitreski works on custom enterprise application development and consultancy with primary focus on Java and JVM-based solutions. He has held various titles such as solution architect, team leader, senior engineer and technical consultant but at the end of the day he is software engineer.

Currently he is deeply involved in activities surrounding development groups in Macedonia, where he is the JUG Leader of Java User Group, Macedonia. Mite has a great passion for free and open source software, open data formats, and the open web. Occasionally, he writes at his blog and can be reached on Twitter. Recently he co-author a book titled HTML 5 Data and Services Cookbook.

Atanas Raykov

Speaker 2014

Atanas Raykov is Мanager Mobile Products and Value Added Services at VIVACOM. He is responsible for the mobile strategy and innovation projects of the company. He has overseen numerous successful product launches, which have made VIVACOM the leader in the mobile data in Bulgaria. Currently he and his team are engaged in building the local eco-system for development and monetization of Android smartphone services through operator charging SDK for third party apps, which is already being used by leading local players and many startups. Along with the technical capabilities for direct charging, VIVACOM can help partners with promising mobile apps with different marketing assets than can give them opportunity to gain traction fast.

Stojan Peshov

Speaker 2014

Stojan Peshov is Java developer with more than 10 years experience in web and back-end development. He has worked on a wide range of projects and business domains using open source libraries and frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, Magnolia CMS, IceFaces, Hessian, RobotFramework, AngularJS, etc. As such, he has tasted different flavors of Java: JSP, JSF, JPA, JTA, CDI, as well as Test Automation, ETL, HTML5, Javascript and Web Services.

Dmitry Alexandrov

Speaker 2014

Dmitry is a passionate Java developer. Through his 8+ years career he has gained a huge experience with different web technologies. His areas of interest include the wide range of Java-related technologies (JSF, Spring Framework, JMX, JAX-RS, JAX-WS), enterprise solutions, cloud computing technologies, as well as non-Java like NodeJs and NoSql. He’s also passionate about Eclipse plug-ins development process. He’s big enthusiast of distributed multinational, multi location software development. At his free time he’s trying to contribute to OpenJDK and supports his own opensource project.