Branimir Giurov

Speaker 2014

Branimir is working at BULPROS as a Solution Architect. Branimir has more than 14 years of experience in Software Development. In October 2014 he has been awarded as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for a 11th consecutive time in the area of Visual C#. Branimir co-founded one of the first user groups in the area of software development in Bulgaria 10 years ago – the SofiaDev .NET User grou and has been leading it since then.

Branimir has been working with SharePoint for about 10 years, starting with SharePoint 2003 and WSS 2.0. Over the last decade he had participated in large number of SharePoint-based projects and products development on SharePoint 2007/2010/2013.

Ivan St. Ivanov

Speaker 2014

Ivan St. Ivanov is development architect at SAP Labs Bulgaria. He is now working in the HANA Cloud Platform team, focusing on performance topics. In his free time he likes contributing to open source software, mostly to JBoss Forge. He is active JUG member, co-driving the adoption of OpenJDK in Bulgaria. Ivan is doing his PhD in the area of cloud multi-tenancy in the University of National and World Economy in Sofia. He is teaching Java, Java EE and SOA in three Universities in Sofia.

Andy Gumbrecht

Speaker 2014

Andy Gumbrecht is an avid Apache TomEE member, developer and evangelist at Tomitribe. He is an active contributor of Apache projects including OpenEJB/TomEE, etc. Andy is a speaker at local Java Users Groups and conferences throughout Europe.

Andy has been fitting in tight code since getting a Sinclair ZX81 with a whopping 1k memory back in 1982. After a rewarding military career gaining many life experiences he eventually turned his long time passion into a professional qualification, and subsequently went on to become a lead developer on several successful and large scale local government and commercial industry projects. As a senior Java developer he has never lost his love for coding, open source and best practices within the industry and has an attention to detail, performance and infrastructure. He has been using in production environments and contributing to Apache OpenEJB/TomEE since 2009. You can find some of Andy’s technical postings at

He still dreams of his early paragliding days when it was ‘really’ dangerous, but these days just loves to traverse the mountains of Bavaria by foot or cycle up the occasional hill – Sometimes he even manages to convince those he loves most to drag along behind.

Alexander Shopov

Speaker 2014

Alexander Shopov has been a programmer for more than a decade now, has a wide experience in programming and has survived it. He never lets common knowledge stop him since he knows the purpose of it is to stop you.

Relevant to Java2Days are his experience in Java, JavaScript and databases large and small. He has taken part in many facets of the software industry:

  • Applications and services for the administration almighty;
  • Catering to the needs and whims of commercial clients in the fashion, retail, relocation, building, furniture business;
  • Currently he is a software developer at Cisco Systems.

He suspects that someone has been naïve enough to scream “Enterprise” three times into a mirror and this explains why the Enterprise still haunts us.

Otherwise he is generally a nice guy except for the times when he is not.He wields his sense of humor in mysterious ways. He loves free and open source software, contributes to it and is the Bulgarian coordinator of GNOME translations.

Ioan Eugen Stan

Speaker 2014

Ioan Eugen Stan is passionate about IT and free software. He graduated the Firefighter Faculty at the Police Academy of Bucharest, and after one year of active service as a Firefighter he decided to pursue his passion in technology. Currently he works as a technology consultant and is involved in various communities and open source projects, such as Apache Software Foundation, Bucharest JUG, Debian project. From time to time he also speaks about his passions at conferences or JUGs.

Apache Software foundation (Apache James, Apache Provisionr)
JUG București –
Debian Project – Debian Contributor

Mihail Stoynov

Speaker 2014

Mihail is a security and software consultant, trainer and author. His resume includes projects in companies like Saudi Aramco, Boeing, HP, Siemens, USAF, several foreign banks and government entities. Mihail is the co-author of 6 books on software, and has 10 years of training experience in local and foreign companies and most of the local universities.

Nedelcho Delchev

Speaker 2014

Nedelcho Delchev is Development Architect at SAP Labs Bulgaria in Development Experience & Research for HANA Cloud Platform.

He has 14+ years of experience in various programming languages, technologies and architectural styles.

Based on the lessons learnt from the past Java EE and SOA times, along with a group of a few colleagues he started SAP’s internal innovation project targeting a new approach for Cloud Development. The project name is Dirigible. It focuses on the simplest yet common use-cases and provides full-fledged capabilities for developing, running and operating cloud applications. It is based on a huge set of open-source Java based projects from Eclipse, Apache, Mozilla, JCraft, OW2 and many more and in turn it is also open source.

Borislav Traykov

Speaker 2014

Borislav Traykov is a software engineer in the Test Automation team at Milestone Systems with interests in quality, automation and processes.

He currently has 9 years of experience in the IT industry. He strives to experience software development from different vantage points and his background consists mostly of customer support, sales, backend development, database administration, web development, release engineering and quality assurance.

He has a passion for sharing ideas, spreading knowledge and solving problems and having fun along the way.

Viktor Hristoskov

Speaker 2014

Viktor is iOS Developer in MentorMate and has almost 3 years of experience in the mobile development.
He is doing his bachelor degree of Informatics in Sofia University.
Passionate in learning new technics about writing more readable and maintainable code.
Loves the variety of the problems and their solutions that the mobile development provides.

Ivan Rangelov

Speaker 2014

Natural born scientist. Always been fascinated on how things work and making them do something else.
Meanwhile spent 14 years doing professional Java development. Got master’s degree in Electronics from Technical University of Sofia.
Certified as Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Software Engineering trainer.