Daniel Rankov

Speaker 2014

Daniel Rankov is the leader of System Administrators team at Trader.bg, where he has been working for more than 6 years. Daniel primary responsibilities are security, scalability and maximal availability of trading platforms serving customers from all around the world – www.trader.bg and www.trading212.com.

Despot Jakimovski

Speaker 2014

I am a hardworking, proactive senior engineer with 8 years experience mostly in backend development with a full stack overview. I welcome new challenges and I am interested in new technologies and approaches. Being enthusiastic about development, I try to better myself and others around me. Achieved Master of computer science and engineering in the field of software engineering. I’ve been involved in JUG Macedonia and IAESTE.

Last couple of years I’ve been developing applications with Spring.

Yasen Tsonev

Speaker 2014

Yasen Tsonev is a senior software developer in SafeCharge Bulgaria. His professional background includes more than 10 years of writing code, and his areas of interest are in Java EE and writing easily maintainable and extend-able code, according to the best java practices.

Yasen’s hobbies are reading books and reading more books.

Michal Gruca

Speaker 2014

Michal Gruca is seasoned Java developer, Team Leader and Solution Architect, member of EPAM Systems, Poland team. In human language I’m: writing and reviewing code, saving world with vim via ssh around Saturday midnight, deciding about technology used in the project and filling a communication gap between client and developers.

After 7 yearlong adventure with Java, still passionate about the platform, even after having romance with Excel and Outlook. Pragmatist at heart and propagator of Agile approach to building software.

Tricity JUG leader, conference speaker and blogger (recently on holidays).

Anton Sarov

Speaker 2014

A Java coder. Anton is able to pay his rent thanks to a position as a Java Software Engineer in a Berlin-based company, working with rich client technologies. He can be found on the streets of Berlin riding his Honda (and thinking about Java). Oh, and he loves the Play Framework.

Katya Daskalova

Speaker 2014

Katya Daskalova is senior Java developer. She has more than 8 years of experiance, and her main interests are in Java EE and ActionScript. She also loves C++ :-).
She is leading trainer at Ontarget.bg.

Katya’s hobbies are traveling and reading fantasy/sci-fi books.

Andrew Lombardi

Speaker 2014

Andrew Lombardi is a veteran entrepreneur and software developer. His parents taught him to code while barely able to read on an Apple // he still wishes he had. He invented the Internet and Nutella while drinking Rakia and being fed grapes. He’s been running the consulting firm Mystic Coders for 15 years, coding, speaking internationally and offering technical guidance to companies as large as Walmart and companies with problems as interesting as helicopter simulation. He firmly believes that the best thing he’s done so far, is being a great dad.

Ventsy Popov

Speaker 2014

Ventsy Popov is a Technical Evangelist in Microsoft Bulgaria where he focuses on the newest trends round Microsoft Development Platform and positioning its values amongst developers and software companies. Before that, he worked for years on the development field, dealing with technologies like ASP.NET, Windows Forms, .NET Compact Framework, Microsoft SQL Integration Services, Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database. Ventsy is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and since 2008 has been participating as a speaker on numerous events and university courses. His latest passion and practice is with Windows Azure cloud computing and Windows Store App development.

Martin Benkov

Speaker 2014

Martin Benkov is senior software architect at Trader.bg with more that 7 years of professional experience.
Has a bachelor degree in computer science from Sofia University, but his passion for programming dates way before that.

He’s keen on building high performant applications which are optimized in all layers – from page load time in the frontend, through algorithms and data structures in the business layer, to SQL query optimizations.

Geertjan Wielenga

Speaker 2014

Geertjan Wielenga is a NetBeans product manager working at Oracle, focused on Java development and HTML5 development with NetBeans IDE and the NetBeans Platform. Geertjan is a Java technology enthusiast, primarily interested in Java desktop technologies, in particular, application development on the NetBeans Platform.