Java2Days, Cloud2Days and Mobile2Days
united by European IT and Business Forum

Java2Days conference, part of the European IT and Business Forum, is the major event in Eastern Europe to present the latest trends in Java development.

European IT and Business Forum is first of its kind to be held in Eastern Europe, focused to highlight today’s cutting edge Java, Cloud and Mobile trends in field of software development, technologies and business.

European IT and Business Forum unite the three worldwide famous conferences – Java2Days, Cloud2Days and Mobile2Days. The conferences 6th edition will be held on 17 – 19 November 2014, Inter Expo Center (IEC), Sofia, Bulgaria.

Among the main goals of the event on the first places are:

  • to invite top guru speakers who present the latest in the field;
  • to gain more and more passionate attendees;
  • to attract the audience;
  • to organize more powerful and energized event than the previous edition was;
  • to make everyone having fun.

More about the conferences

Event Core Panels

Java2Days – Java based conference. All panels and track are focused to the latest trends in field of software development using Java technologies and related.

Cloud2Days is a major event that presents the challenges of a fast growing cloud computing world.

Cloud2Days 2014 will be focused on latest tech related topics and presentations close to the business.

Mobile2Days – related mainly with the brand new and popular mobile technologies.
Mobile2Days conference present the highlight today’s cutting edge trends in building mobile applications – native and web and present the unique opportunity to explore the all dimensions of the mobile market, advertising and the future of mobile.

Bizz2Days is the premier event that presents the latest technologies for business in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. The conference is intended for IT decision makers interested in software development, mobile and cloud technologies.

All conference panels, workshops and tutorials are selected to cover a full range of the hottest topics in – the field of latest java techniques and technologies; fast growing and powerful cloud computing area and mobile development and business area.

Conferences 2014 includes 2 more attractive initiatives that will be held along with the conferences tracks and sessions:

  • “Relax Zone and Exhibition Area” – relax zone and exhibition area will be set it up and accessible for every attendee who needs to relax and / or to see the exhibition stands and what the companies present.
  • “Free Tech Training” for beginners – Two days full with practical lessons where the experienced lecturers will present on-live the new trends and essence from software programming using well known, popular and/or new once programming languages and technologies to all passionate people willing to learn and to learn more in that field.