Andy Gumbrecht

Speaker 2014

Andy Gumbrecht is an avid Apache TomEE member, developer and evangelist at Tomitribe. He is an active contributor of Apache projects including OpenEJB/TomEE, etc. Andy is a speaker at local Java Users Groups and conferences throughout Europe.

Andy has been fitting in tight code since getting a Sinclair ZX81 with a whopping 1k memory back in 1982. After a rewarding military career gaining many life experiences he eventually turned his long time passion into a professional qualification, and subsequently went on to become a lead developer on several successful and large scale local government and commercial industry projects. As a senior Java developer he has never lost his love for coding, open source and best practices within the industry and has an attention to detail, performance and infrastructure. He has been using in production environments and contributing to Apache OpenEJB/TomEE since 2009. You can find some of Andy’s technical postings at

He still dreams of his early paragliding days when it was ‘really’ dangerous, but these days just loves to traverse the mountains of Bavaria by foot or cycle up the occasional hill – Sometimes he even manages to convince those he loves most to drag along behind.

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